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Smoke Alarm Recalls

The following manufacturers have had recalls on a variety of products that they manufacture: Kidde, First Alert, Safe T Alert, Universal, USI Electric, BRK, Family Gard, Black & Decker, Jameson, Maple Chase Firex, Funtech Safety's Sake.

Please be aware that American Sensors has NEVER HAD A PRODUCT RECALL due to a malfunctioning product. ONLY sells product manufactured by AMERICAN SENSORS!

1st Recall: Various brands of smoke alarms Alarm may not sound.

Products: 34,000 white plastic alarms sold 4/98-6/99 by electrical distributors, housing suppliers, and hardware stores for $10 to $15, including the following brands and models: Safe T Alert, model SA-785 (AC only), date code BCSR; Universal SS-785 (AC only), date code BCSR; Universal SS-795 (AC/DC unit with battery backup), date code BESS; and USI Electric, model USI-1203 (AC/DC unit with battery backup), date code BESS. Most of these alarms were installed during new-home construction. Consumers can identify affected product by removing alarm cover and looking for date code and model number on back of device. Some alarms lack brand name. Consumers should then use model number as guide to determine if it's subject to recall.

2nd Recall: BRK, FIRST ALERT, and FAMILY GARD AC-powered smoke detectors Corrosion on electrical contacts could prevent alarm from sounding in fire.

Products: 3.5 million smoke detectors made 10/87-3/90 including the following models--BRK: 1839I, 1839WI-M, 1839WI-12, 1839I12R, 2839I, 2839WI, 2839TH; FIRST ALERT: SA1839WI; and FAMILY GARD: FG1839I and FG1839IHD. Detectors were wired into the electrical circuits of new homes, apartments, and hotels.

3rd Recall: Battery-operated smoke alarms of various brands May not sound in fire.

Products: 120,000 smoke detectors sold since 7/10/92, including: Black & Decker Slim Line, models SMK100, SMK200, and SMK300; Jameson Code 1 2000, models A, C, and D; Kidde Smoke and Fire Alarm, model KSA700; Safety First Baby's Room Smoke & Fire Alarm, model 244; Funtech Safety's Sake, model A; and Maple Chase Firex, models A and B. Except for Black & Decker models, recalled detectors bear date codes 92192-92231 (92 is year of manufacture; 192 is day of year). Recalled Black & Decker models bear codes 9228-9246 (first two digits are year of manufacture; second two, the week). Label with model information and date code appears on back of detector. Defective units may appear to be working properly and may sound alarm in test.