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For over 25 years, streamlight flashlight has provided professionals both here and abroad with a constantly evolving line of personal lights. From the New York Fire Department to the Canadian Mounties, from Alaskan hunters to New Zealand mountain rescue teams, our products are the trusted source of light.

Often, conditions are less than ideal, and may involve anything from extreme heat or cold to rain, snow - even bullets. In these situations, streamlight flashlights shine. Their tough, virtually indestructible cases and tremendous power provide the kind of reliable partnership that can, quite literally, make the difference between life and death.

It follows that for applications that are somewhat less demanding, a streamlight flashlight will offer power and reliability with an exceptional margin of safety. And with our rechargeable lights, you'll also get a level of cost efficiency that others can't approach. When you need lights whose integrity is proven beyond question, better make sure they carry our name; Genuine streamlight flashlight.

From the time that streamlight flashlight developed the first million candlepower handlight for NASA in the early 1970s, it developed as a company where new ideas were paramount.

As a pioneer of rechargeable flashlights, streamlight flashlight has made the latest advances in this technology available to every law enforcement and fire department in the country. More recently, the company has introduced extremely dependable dual filament bulbs, a line of safety approved lights, lights that are waterproof up to 200 feet - even a light that will withstand 500ºF.

In the process, streamlight flashlight has won a number of approvals from government, industry and independent authorities. And they've built a reputation for power and progressive design that no other company can match.

All streamlight flashlight® cases are tough, and some are virtually indestructible. The engineered polymer cases we use for PolyStinger®, Syclone®, SL-20XP™ and others are so strong they carry a limited lifetime guarantee. And our machined aluminum cases are as strong as steel, but a lot lighter. So if the light says streamlight flashlight, it's tough. Period.

Computer - designed reflectors, extremely bright xenon, krypton or halogen bulbs and state-of-the-art chargers make streamlight flashlights among the most powerful available. In fact, for their size, our Stinger® models are the most powerful rechargeables ever built.

All our components are top quality, and hand assembled by small teams of technicians who are proud of their work. Each streamlight flashlight, lantern and head light is individually tested before leaving the factory. The result is a line of lights that offer powerful, reliable performance, year after year.

All streamlight flashlights, lanterns and head lights carry a no-quibble warranty that's honored at Authorized Service Centers around the world. We call it ''bulletproof'' because it covers vital parts of the light: from the switch and the lens to the case and the reflector. No matter which streamlight flashlight rechargeable light you own, the charging cord is the same. This makes switching cords from one power supply, sleeve or charging rack to another very convenient. Once you've used it you'll never want to work any other way. Which you can't, because it's unique to streamlight flashlight.

Firefighters, maintenance crews working in confined spaces and rescue teams routinely require lights that are approved for use in hazardous locations. We offer Survivor®, Syclone®, Vulcan®, Stinger®, PolyStinger® and ProPolymers™ which comply with either Factory Mutual®* or Underwriters Laboratories®** standards.

All streamlight flashlight® lanterns and most flashlights are individually numbered. This makes locating and registering lights very easy, and allows individual histories to be entered into databases for long-term cost comparisons.

For situations where a blown bulb could be more than just an inconvenience - in a burning house, for example, or in a lights-out confined space - we offer dual filament bulbs on our LiteBox® and Vulcan®. These allow you to switch instantly from one filament to another without missing a beat.

In law enforcement these days, heavy flashlights can be a liability. Literally. So along with our traditional machined aluminum lights we offer the same models with tough polymer cases (PolyStinger® and SL-20XP™). Both lights offer directly comparable performance to their heavier brothers, but are more comfortable to carry and minimize liability exposure.

Our chargers are just as strong and reliable as the lights that fit in them. To speed up the time it takes lights to charge, we engineered ''smart'' digital technology into our Stinger® charging systems, available for the Stinger®, PolyStinger® and Stinger XT™. These Fast Chargers decrease the lights' standard charge times from 10 hours to 2.5 hours, so they're ready four times faster.

For police officers and other professionals who require lots of light instantly, our SL-Series offers lamp modules that are pre-focused by hand at the factory. They're set for maximum light output without user attention. Like all streamlight flashlight® products, modules are protected by unbreakable polycarbonate lenses.

When it rains or conditions require waterproof tools, streamlight flashlights like the Vulcan® Syclone® and ProPolymers™ can be trusted completely. They're all waterproof to 100 feet or more with some up to 200 feet. Plus many other streamlight flashlights are O-ring sealed to protect against moisture.

High-intensity LED (Light-Emitting Diode) bulbs in the streamlight flashlight® Stylus® last more than 100,000 hours and shine brightly in colors specially designed for select applications. Found in the BatonLite®, Cuff Mate™ and more, LEDs are energy-efficient and thus economical. They rarely break because there's no glass or filaments and are virtually maintenance-free.

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